In order to secure a rising and thriving North Carolina, a cutting edge citizen engagement organization, Carolina Rising, was launched in April of 2014.


Carolina Rising works to champion sound public policy, compare & contrast competing visions for the Tar Heel State. Our work includes supporting free market, education and government reform policies that will guarantee a rising and thriving North Carolina.


Organized as a 501 C-4, Carolina Rising seeks to aggressively promote sound public policies and individual freedoms via a unique and inventive citizen engagement organization.


A key mission of Carolina Rising aims at providing common-sense analysis of proven policies and contrast them with the increasingly radical political agenda of the liberal left, which often has little to offer besides complaints, protests and lawsuits.


To ensure continued success, it is vital to implement a robust social and digital media strategy that evolves with new media trends to not only communicate North Carolina’s successes, but publicize the policies that led to those results. Carolina Rising aims to be the most innovative and savvy public policy organization in North Carolina, expanding operations through a multifaceted platform of personalized digital citizen engagement.  Carolina Rising is fully entrenched in developing and defining cutting edge communication to enable citizen engagement.


Carolina Rising relies on the generosity of private funding and the dedicated enthusiasm of the citizens of North Carolina.


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Carolina Rising is here to engage North Carolinians on free market, education and government reform policies that will guarantee a better North Carolina for future generations. Click the link below to get involved!



About Dallas Woodhouse | President, Founder



Dallas Woodhouse is the President and Founder of Carolina Rising, an innovative citizen engagement and public policy non-profit organization dedicated to securing a rising and thriving North Carolina.


Woodhouse, a twenty year veteran of North Carolina politics, media and government, founded Carolina Rising in 2014 to further the principles of efficient, effective and limited government, support North Carolina’s continued recovery from the great recession and foster common sense government reforms that will expand opportunities for all North Carolinians to rise and thrive.


During his time as the North Carolina State Director of Americans for Prosperity, Woodhouse was a fierce and never ending critic of the tax and spending policies of Governors’ Mike Easley Governor Beverly Perdue.


In this role, he worked with citizen activists, community leaders and state officials to implement large-scale tax relief and reform; made significant advances in school choice legislation including the removal of the cap on charter schools and the creation of two broad-based school voucher programs; major deregulation efforts; and the end of forced annexation.


Named “one to watch” by the News and Observer in 2011, Woodhouse and AFP activists were central to passing medical malpractice tort reform, unemployment insurance reform as well as the largest tax cut in North Carolina history in 2013.


Woodhouse worked with Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory to stop a massive expansion of taxpayer funding of political campaigns in 2010.  The two also traveled together on the “Hands off our Health Care Tour” in leading the opposition to Obamacare in North Carolina.


Woodhouse has been featured in numerous media interviews including the Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Politics, Washington Post, as well as countless North Carolina based media.


In the fall of 2014, Woodhouse will be featured in full length documentary Woodhouse Divided by Frontline Productions and filmmaker Bryan Miller. The film chronicles Dallas Woodhouse’s three year crusade against the destructive Obamacare policies, juxtaposed against the efforts of his older brother Brad Woodhouse, a Washington based liberal political operative who worked in support of the effort.


Woodhouse is a native of Raleigh. He holds a Masters of Arts from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Campbell University. Before tackling politics, he was an on-air television host and political reporter. He reported on North Carolina based war efforts from Bosnia, Qatar and Turkey and from London on the death of Princess Diana. Woodhouse also served with the state and federal departments of agriculture.


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